Help and FAQ

Remember, this is a beta! Be gentle, some stuff is not finished! We would love to have your feedback as we continue building. You are here because you are special, so we really treasure your input! 😇

Need help or have feedback?
Email us:
Text us: 201 676 0329‬
DM us: @thetrashapp on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat


Account Issues

I was an alpha tester, how do I get the beta?

Send a message with your username to or DM us @thetrashapp (Insta, Twitter, Snap).

I can’t remember which method I used to sign in?

Try your phone number, email and Google sign in. If none of those work send a message with your username to and we’ll help get you back to the party!

Why do I need to give you my phone number?

Good news, you don’t! You can sign up with email or your Google account.

How do I change my username?

Tap on your avatar top left to access your profile. settings icon. Tap edit profile. Now, type your new username. New name, new you!

How do I delete my account?

We’re sad to see you go! You can delete your account by going to your profile, tapping settings, and then tapping “deactivate account” at the bottom. If you got a sec, we’d love to hear why you’re leaving. Email us at:


Why do I only have one video on my profile?

We are still working on building out profile. For now, you will only see the last video you posted, but eventually you will be able to find all of your videos on your profile.

Where do I find all my videos?

Currently, you can find all of your videos on the main (beta) channel, and your most recent one on your profile.

Can I make my profile private?

Not just yet because we’re in beta. This is something we want your feedback on!


How do I download my video to share it elsewhere?

Your video will automatically be downloaded to your camera roll when you share it. You can change this in your Settings. Otherwise, you can download your video from the three dot menu on the video.

How do I delete my video?

Go to home and tap through the videos to find yours. Tap the three dot menu and use the option to delete your video.

Why is there only one channel?

Because building things take time, and we want to know more about what you want!

Will I be able to use hashtags, captions or comments?

Tell us what features you would like to be a part of the app!

Video creation

How do I delete clips?

Swipe up on the circles at the bottom of your video

How do I reorder clips?

Reorder clips with a long tap and drag using the circles at the bottom of your video.

Can I use a song that is on my phone?

Not yet! But that’s something we’d love to offer in future.

I’m a musician and own the rights to my own music, can I make a video with it?

You can submit your music to be a part of the app. Email

What do the vibes do?

We’re glad you asked! Vibes edit your video based on the selected mood. For example, if you select happy, your video will be edited to an upbeat and uplifting track, it will have a bright filter on it, and it will be edited in a way that feels happy 🤗

How do I use the experimental pace knob?

This feature is in alpha and the UI is experimental and changing. Drag the pace outward to have a quick paced edit, and drag inward to have a slower paced edit.