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Hi! We love feedback from our artists! Please get in touch with ideas, feature requests, bug reports or just to say hi!

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Licensing & Credits

Do I need to allow other users to use my tracks on TRASH?

Yes, for now all tracks posted to TRASH are made publicly available. However, you still have full control to remove your tracks from TRASH at any time, and there will be no new uses of your songs.

How will my music be credited in TRASH?

Your music will be available in the Featured Music section of the Sound tab under your artist name. Anytime it is chosen as the soundtrack for a video, your track’s info will be displayed in the top-left corner under the account’s username in this format: “Your Artist Name - Your Track Name”.

Will I be compensated for posting my music on TRASH?

No, we do not currently offer compensation for tracks uploaded for use on TRASH. The value for artists lies in the great videos you will be able to make for free, not to mention the new fans who discover your tracks when our AI picks them to soundtrack their videos.

My friend helped me create this track and I have their permission to upload it, should I select “I have co-creators” or “All me”?

If you have permission from your co-creators then you can select “All me”. If you don’t have permission, make sure to get that first!

I have a record or publishing deal - why can’t I upload my tracks to TRASH?

Because of licensing restrictions, we are unable to accept tracks that are associated with a recording or publishing deal. If you are able to get permission from all other parties, reach out to us at, and we can help you post your tracks.

I did a great cover version of another artist’s song - can I upload that to TRASH?

Probably not. Artists must own all song rights including master and publishing in order to upload them to TRASH. If you do have permission from the artist you covered, reach out to us at, and we can help you post your tracks.

Uploading Tracks

Why won’t my track info save?

A common cause of this problem is not having your profile information filled out before uploading a track. Make sure to set your Artist Name and Username in your profile before attempting an upload. If this doesn’t fix the problem, please reach out to us at

I can’t upload my song file, what should I do?

Is your song file too large? Make sure it is less than 60MB. Certain file types like .wav files are very large. You can make these files smaller by converting them to MP3 format. An easy way to do this is to drag them into iTunes → click File → Convert → Create MP3 version.


How can I find my music in TRASH after uploading?

Find your music in TRASH in the SOUND tab when creating a new video. Scroll down to Featured Music and find your music under your Artist Name. It’s alphabetical!

Why can’t I see my track in TRASH?

Most likely, this is because the track was not Published. If you go to Tracks on the TRASH for Artists website, you can check the status of your track. If it says Draft, you will need to click on the three-dot icon to edit the track. Go to step 3 and select the rainbow Publish button.

How can I make a longer video?

Select the Music Video style at the bottom of the screen when editing your video to make a full-length music video.

Can I choose a specific part of the song?

This feature is not available yet unfortunately. We are hoping to add this soon!

How can I take my tracks down?

Go to Tracks on the TRASH for Artists website. Click the three-dot icon next to the track you want to delete and select Delete.

Can I remove the TRASH watermark from my video?

No, you cannot remove the watermark. This is our attribution for helping with editing your video. But we are open to feedback about how to make this better. Reach out to us at!

I just shared my video on TRASH, where is it?

You can find your video in the NEW channel if it has just been posted. You can also view your videos on your profile. See if you can make it to the GOAT (Greatest of All TRASH) channel!

Can I see the videos made with my music?

Yes! If you go to the Community Videos page on the TRASH for Artists website, you will see all of the videos that have been made with your tracks!